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Oh, I am so pleased you are curious enough to be on this page. Below is a description of the Association Casa Regis and how everybody can be involved! First let me fill you in a bit more.


Casa Regis is a 10 minute walk from where my husband (Italian) and I (American) live. We took up residency in this non-touristy mountain village in 2017 because it rejuvenates us and we still do some commuting to Milan.


I created the non-profit Association Casa Regis so that the building (historically referred to as "Casa Regis" or "the house of the Regis family") could become property of the Association. Juridically speaking, the building is protected and its destination must always remain for non-profit cultural or devotional purposes. In addition, due to the age and the characteristics of the architecture, it is protected by the Cultural Heritage laws of Italy and every modification or update has to be approved for historical continuity.


Is it a lot of bureaucracy and does it all take a long time? You bet, Mamma mia! But hey, in compensation we are saving a really cool building otherwise destined to obscurity and ruin and, with your input and presence, we will be creating a great international meeting hub and cross-disciplinary creative hive.



To create synergy and the development of the center in all its aspects, anyone may join us, whether or not you are working in an officially denominated "creative" field. You are a welcome guest if you are interested in oxygenating your brain cells in the rural mountains of pre-Alp Italy, intrigued about participating in the development of a budding cultural center, and curious about Piedmont's historical and contemporary cultural variety.

While Casa Regis has yet to renovate the sleeping quarters, the main part of the building remains the work and exhibition space. Here is the link to Villa Emma for lodging LINK.  The season is from mid June to the end of September and you may come as small groups. Your stay translates as support for Casa Regis.



Casa Regis is a from-the-ground-up creation and every inch of it is dependent on how much our guests would like to participate. The first step, if you can, is simply to come and stay with us. However, from near or afar, there are many ways you can contribute and we are grateful for any aspect of your help!


Do you have a skill to share?

Some areas where the center needs help in order to grow are:

  communication and marketing know-how  

 -crowdfunding or documentary videos-

-writing and sending press releases-

-international visibility-

We are open to hosting you in exchange for a skill you can offer to Casa Regis and afterwards we will laud your altruism on every platform we can find!


Do you have contacts?

We are always looking to develop contacts with key groups for whom a stay at Casa Regis could make a signficant impact. It might be due to a guest's time for introspection/inspiration or it might be due to a potential connection/construction with fellow residents or local institutions.


Cross pollination and flowering




film makers


performance artists


idea & tech. designers

historical researchers

critics & curators

 gallery owners




Would you like to be a sponsor?


As per the tradition of great art produced due to fervent patrons - the Renaissance being the height of Italy's fame and the world's legacy - we would like to encourage a contemporary version of intrigued patrons sustaining investigation and creation for the benefit of society. 


For example, you can help bring to fruition the Adopt-An-Artist program by offering a stay at Casa Regis to a "creative" in exchange for a work of art/creative service (obtaining something as straight forward as a painting or something as subtle as intellectual property in collaboration with a business or project need). 

Another program of particular interest to me is to create a stipend for a woman creator over 40. Given the many dedicated programs for artists under 35, and given that women tend to be less financially stable than men, especially when working in creative fields, I would like to create an entrepreneurial support team around a particular woman's creative production. The goal would be to help her establish her career. Would you like to be part of the team?


Gift a stay at Casa Regis to a friend, employee, or family member! Let us share the voucher details with you.


Donations of materials or art supplies are appreciated.

Artists donating art work for fund-raising auctions is very helpful.

Last but not the least bit least, we welcome financial contributions, as all of the above, with wide open arms and will scratch your name on the wall for eternal recognition!

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