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The Limits and Outerlimits of Line Exhibition



Exhibition of Contemporary Art

April 21 to May 26, 2024

Hours: Sundays 3-6PM or by appointment.

Closing event: May 26, 3-6pm.


Casa Regis - Center for Culture and Contemporary Art proudly hosts the group exhibition "The Limits and Outerlimits of Line", curated by L. Mikelle Standbridge, on display from April 21 to May 26, 2024. The artworks span multiple mediums, ranging from fiber art, to works on paper, to installation to performance. Utilizing the eight exhibition spaces, Italian and international artists will be featured, with representation from Iran, Holland, Finland, China, The United States, and of course Italy. Each artist, with a meditation on their medium of choice has been invited to address the theme, which could either be a straightforward encounter with the gesture of a line, or a visual pun, or a metaphysical investigation into knowing or defining tout court.

The ten artists participating in this exhibition include: Italian, photographer, Silvia Gaffurini; Chinese, but American based, sculptor, Zhiheng Gong; American photographer, Tyler Green; Italian installation/conceptual artist, Eleonora Gugliotta; Finish multidisciplinary, Suvi Hanninen; Dutch textile artist, Anneke Klein; American painter/collage/installation artist, Natalie Lanese; Italian painter and performance-video artist, Gianluigi Maria Masucci; Italian performance artist, Andrea Mori; and Iranian painter/collage artist, Ashkan Sanei


A performance by Andrea Mori will take place during the final event, aver having spend 10 days in the woods.

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