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Victoria Chapman from is our Los Angeles based liaison who interfaces with creative individuals worldwide.

Victoria RITRATTO.jpeg

Photo by Brayden Bugazzi

Artwork by @shaneguffogg

Victoria also runs El Nido (The Nest) - an art space sharing visual and performing arts, including the written word.

It is located at Western Avenue Collective (Hollywood), a building owned by renowned artist, Ed Ruscha. In the 1960’s, Ruscha converted a former outdoor shopping mall into individual artist spaces that provide live/work studios and gallery spaces that were originally occupied by Ruscha and other members of the L.A. Art School of the 1960’s.


The collective now hosts 22 art studios, nestled in a 1920s era courtyard. Inside the courtyard is a large tree that grounds all the artists and their creative endeavors. The inhabitants see this enclave as a bit of a sanctuary.

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