Dic. 24 - Dic. 30, 2020
Casa Regis - Center for Culture and Contemporary Art
Frazione Marchetto, 18 Mosso-Valdilana,  (BI), Italy

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Shane Guffogg: “The Path of Light”, (solo exhibition)

Exhibition opens: December 24, 2020 at 16:00

Dec. 24-30, 2020 (open 16:00-18:00 everyday - except Dec. 25th - and by apt.)

Casa Regis - Center for Culture and Contemporary Art

Frazione Marchetto 18, Valdilana, 13835 (BI) Italy



December 24th marks the opening of the solo exhibition, “The Path of Light” by painter Shane Guffogg, to be held in the suggestive 18th C. structure Casa Regis. Now a "Center for Culture and Contemporary Art", Casa Regis - located in the Piedmont hill town of Mosso - lies at the heart of traditional seasonal rituals around light, such as candle light processions and huge bonfires, typically held on the 24th of December. The building, with its thick old walls and frescoed ceilings, is the perfect backdrop for the artist's series, made specifically for the location and to be viewed in candle light.



Guffogg, American, has explored light for over 40 years through abstraction and this exhibition will consist of three groups of work,  including oil paintings, pastel on paper, and ink on paper artworks. His oils typically have up to 100 layers of  translucent colors that have been mixed with a glazing medium, which causes the paintings to seem illuminated from within. 


Shane Guffogg’s artwork is in collections such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, St Patrick’s Cathedral, New York, The Imperial Museum of Fine Arts, Saint Petersburg, Russia, The Gallery of the Museum Center, Baku, Azerbaijan to name a few. He was born in Los Angeles where he also received an art education from California Institute of the Arts. Guffogg represents the modern school of abstraction, a leading forerunner to the post-post modernist movement. He creates oil paintings, watercolors, gouache and pastel on paper and glass sculpture.


"The title and the numbers represent the number of days that have transpired since day one of the Gregorian calendar. Each number is equal to the rotation of the earth as the days become nights and nights become days. This is the path of light as counted by our idea of time."

"737712", pastel on paper


"737705", pastel on paper


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